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The Hollows Series

The Hollows

My main project, still in Pre-Production phase, the plan includes the Teaser Game [and Manga] The Last Demon Of Xrist, the Main Game Series [Code Name Horizon, and an Alternative Universe version as a Manga Hollows Beyond Oblivion The Manga versions are to be published first on LINE WebToons, While a Prototype for The Last Demon of Xrist will be in progress, (Missing links will be up when ready, with more information) .

Game Development Team
Zero X||is

Zero X||is

Under the Motto of ''Play Development On Hard Mode'' I was proud to be a part of this Uprising team, Especially when putting our first efforts into creating Binary Thrust as our First Project, the Game is still under development, at Alpha stage, and by far the vast majority of assets and code (including Code, Audio, 3D, Visual Effects..) was created by X||is Zero team, using free and Open Source Software.

Adanced 3D Character Design Software
F ReoM

F ReoM

While still in early prototyping phases, this is a project I came up with for my work as a 3D Character Designer, The project focuses on using Anatomical structures, Genetics, and various types of Data from real life, to Procedurally Generate Realistic Characters (Not only limited to Humans or Bipeds) The plan includes Procedural or semi-Procedural Texturing, Dynamic Rigging with Corrective ShapeKeys based on flesh deformations, Physics based Cloth with freedom of design, and more.. Although becuase of the complexity of the project, and my desire to acheive more than what the standard procedural work does currently, I'll stick to burst updates on the features I can release when ready, The project will most likely be Free, relying on financial support by the community, and compatible with Blender.

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